Modern Islamic art is available in many different mediums, colours and sizes, sometimes designed on a custom basis as per the client’s wishes. In the e-commerce marketplace, which is in a state of constant flux, a lot of interesting trends are shaping up in the category of Islamic art for sale.


Here are some popular varieties we found.

  • Wall stickers

The most popular medium is that of vinyl stickers, which are also known as wall decals. True to its, Islamic wall stickers need to be “stuck” to the wall. Therefore, one doesn’t need to frame the artwork and drive a nail into the wall.

Composed of vinyl, the decals are sticky on the side that faces the wall. On the side that is exposed, a Quranic verse is written in a calligraphic font. A huge variety of Islamic wall art decals is available on the Internet to choose from. They are generally economically priced and are often printed in very large sizes. As they are directly passed on an empty wall, the focus of the viewer is only on the text.

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Decals are self-adhesive, water-proof, and can be taken off without damaging the wall. However, one must clean the wall before pasting the decal, otherwise, it would stick to the dirt or oil instead of the wall itself. Besides, ponder well before pasting the decal on a wall. Because unlike a frame that can be easily shifted from wall to wall, sticking the decal onto a wall, and then removing it and sticking it again would be quite a hassle.

  • Coloured prints

If you like colours, but find vivid Islamic paintings too heavy on your pocket, then you can go for giclee or digital prints of handwritten or handpainted calligraphy. Before these are printed, some digital value addition takes place over the originals in terms of adding colours, backgrounds and decorative motifs such as stars, crescents and geometric patterns.

Once they have been digitised, they can be printed on any material – canvas, paper or leather in any size. A canvas print needs to be stretched over a wooden mount but requires no glass covering. A paper print does not have to be stretched over a wooden frame but needs a glass covering. The advantage of digital intervention is that facilitates mass production and resizing/colouring possibilities at a cheaper price.

  • Steel frames

If you like a touch of metal, sans colours or backgrounds, if you are the one for minimalist art that has a 3D kind of effect, then we would recommend you go for stainless steel artworks. Here, with the help of mechanised technology, steel is neatly and diligent cut to the size and shape of the text. When illuminated with a light source behind, it looks very beautiful.

Most certainly, as is established from the above trends, modern Islamic art presents many wonderful possibilities, thus contributing immensely to the field of Islamic art for sale. One can see many of these interesting trends in the online world.

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