Islamic wall artcomes in a wide variety of materials, colours and sizes, and is often made to order according to the demands of a customer.One of the reasons for the several modern innovations in Islamic wall art is the constantly evolving online marketplace. At the click of a button, one can buy Islamic art onlinefrom anywhere in the world, in any size or colour or material they want.


We scanned Islamic wall art for sale across ecommerce platforms and found the following options to be the most sought-after for someone looking to buy Islamic art online.

  • Wall stickers

These economical decals that are made of vinyl are the most visible variety of Islamic wall art for salein theonlinemarketplace. This kind of Islamic wall arthas no requirement of framing or drilling a hole into the wall. The vinyl sticker, as its name implies, just has to be “stuck” to the wall.

Thevinlydecals are sticky on the side that is to be pasted on the wall. On the other side is a Quranic ayatwritten in calligraphic font. Those looking to buyIslamic art online will be spoilt for choice when it comes to decals as these are abundantly available and are often easy on the pocket, besides the fact that they come in large sizes.

One must properly scrub the wall before sticking the self-adhesive, water-resistant decal, otherwise it would stick to the dirt or oil on the surface.

  • Coloured prints

If you are a stickler for bright, colourful paintings but find them too expensive, then you have the option of coloured prints. You can either go for giclée prints of original Islamic paintings, orprints of black-and-white handwritten calligraphy that has been digitally coloured. This is how the latter is done: A calligrapher writes the ayatswith a traditional bamboonpen in black ink on a white sheet. This sheet is then scannedafter which the image is digitally coloured. It is also embellished with geometric patterns, stars, crescents, borders and other decorative motifs.

This digital image can then be printed to any size on canvas or paper. A canvas print, like a painting, is stretched over a wooden frame, but needs no protective glass cover. A paper print does not have to be stretched over a wooden mount, but needs a protective glass cover.

  • Steel frames

If you are a 3D enthusiast, then you would probably appreciate stainless steel frames, the latest innovation in Islamic wall art for sale.A stainless steelframe, cut to the shape of the text with the aid of a machine, has a grand, imposing appearance, especially if it is back-lit. This is still not easily available and is slightly expensive than other options.


Most certainly, as more and more people log on to the ecommerce marketplace to buy Islamic art online, the field of Islamic wall art is set to grow, expand and perhaps see even more exciting innovations in the time to come.



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