Japan Is All Set With New Electronic Trains For Fast Connectivity



Electronic Trains

With nearly 45 million people residing in Japan, the densely populated corridor of Tokyo to Osaka created a problematic situation after the Second World War. The Japanese government was in need of a good transportation system that can help millions of people reach their destinations on time. The engineers of national railways were putting in their best efforts to come up with a high-speed regular transit system. Their hard works paid positive results and now Japan is about to be home to the fastest electronic train service in the world.

The Odakyu 3000 was the fastest train in the country until now. This EMU version had set a world record of covering 90 miles per hour. The launch of Odakyu 3000 had certainly increased the confidence level of Odakyu engineers and they were doing researches to come up with something even better. They have come up with a new trunk line called Shinkansen. It can easily offer a new alignment with 25% wider gauge when compared to the standard style and design. It can facilitate continuously welded rails between Osaka and Tokyo. Such an advanced track paved the way to the invention of the fastest train in the world.

Japan is all set to introduce the new bunch of floating trains designed to travel at a massive speed of 311 mph. The new train has undergone the first test and is all set to hit the tracks. This was a preliminary wide-scale test under strict guidance.

The latest magnetic levitation technology has been used in the train instead of the old conventional wheels. Therefore, carriages are mainly propelled by a strong magnetic force. The latest train is set to link central Tokyo region with the Nagoya station.

In our next blog, we will discuss more the significant features of the latest electronic trains in Japan.


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