What Kind of Moving Information Do You Need Before Your Next Move?

Universal Relocations has earned the reputation for offering the excellent and superior baggage shipping services to its clients. We book clients in advance but, we also take immense pride in offering direct services to our clients. Our baggage shipping to India is accredited for its effectiveness and efficiency, and we deal with your baggage shipping concerns within no time. Universal relocations have also become a household name for shipping containers to India. We also deal in offering excellent pet relocation to India to our clients.


However, if you are planning a big move to India, you are required to assemble a variety of information to prepare yourself for your big move. Once the information regarding the move begins to merge together, it could become overwhelming to execute a successful moving process.

At Universal Relocations, we cater to your moving concerns, and we are dedicated to providing you with the up-to-date information that is required for a successful moving experience.

 Packing Tips:

For baggage shipping to India, you are required to pack your baggage prior to its shipment. There is always a proper method to pack your baggage that simplifies the moving and shipment process. For instance, packing baggage together at a time is a great tool to consolidate your possessions from the items that you are not going to carry with you. We are familiar with advanced techniques to pack your baggage that assists baggage shipping to India without any hassle.

Office Moves:

A majority of the relocation companies are hired to facilitate an office move, and if you are fixated on moving your office supplies to another country. We make it happen for you via offering shipping containers in India. We make sure that your office supplies are shipped to your desired destination without any hurdle, and we also ensure you that you are absolutely stress-free on your big day!

We lay out everything you should know ahead of your corporate move, including what to cover with staff during the planning phase, designating moving supervisors and assigning employee responsibilities.

Tips for an Easy Moving Day:

You should consider booking shipping containers to India in advance so, it could save you from last-minute hassle. Your move does not necessarily have to be stressful, headache-inducing, and gruesome but, you can follow a set of guidelines that can ensure an easy moving out the day. Booking shipping containers in advance will enable you to get rid of last minute burden, and it will ship your belongings safely to the country of destination within no time.

Pet Relocation

Pets cannot be moved on the moving truck. Be sure that they are not present on moving day as they might get in the way. Also, arrange for your pet relocation to India in advance. You might want to visit your veterinarian to obtain your pet’s health records, to update their tags, and to obtain tranquilizers to calm your pet during transport.

However, if you are on a hunt for a company that guarantees a successful pet relocation to India, you are at the right place. Universal Relocations facilitate qualified specialists that help you to relocate your pets from one country to another country. We take care of travel arrangements and bookings for your pets on direct and cost-effective flights. We arrange for international standard kennels on request for you. We take complete responsibility for preparing domestic and international documentation, and we also acquire the necessary permits to facilitate pet relocation to India.




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