Leisure Reading Habits In Children – Need To Start Early

leisure readingInculcating reading habits in children is very important – according to experts. Experts say that early reading habits (starting with around age 4 to 5) play important roles in creating independent learning skills. According to them this also helps in creating lifelong learning skills. Leisure Reading programs that are focused on teaching how to read the help in creating an awareness of books and learning.

Reading teaches children new vocabulary and pronunciation. It also helps them in developing their speech and language skills. It has positive effects on the development of attention span and tries to make them attentive people from an early age. Some early childhood experts say that good reading and understanding skills – if fostered early – has the effect of increasing their confidence levels.

Some of the technological and social changes over the last few decades have had enormous impacts on children’s reading habits. Fifty years ago children of the time mostly depended on books to learn and understand about the world and their surroundings. But as newer technologies have replaced the older ones now like most adults in our information society children also find themselves having umpteen choices before them. Hence experts say that the management and screening role parents need to play in helping their wards remains as important as ever – albeit with increasing sophistication.

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