Media Influences on Adolescents: Sex and Violence

Media Influences


The portrayal of sex, violence, and alcohol/drugs in the media adversely affect the behavior, perceptions, and personalities of adolescents. In today’s society, violence and sex in television, the internet, music, movies, and video games pose a serious threat to children and adolescents. Media violence is one of the crucial factors of real life crimes and violence.

Television watching is a favorite activity for adolescents and TV alone is responsible for 10 percent of youth violence. Sex related TV shows that contained sexual talk, passionate kissing, and sexual intercourse are common in our society. This leads them to be more sexually active. A study shows that the girls who watched TV shows with sexual content were more likely to become pregnant or to pregnant than the girls who were watched the least.

Music also contains lyrics which become more explicit that often reference to sex, alcohol, violence, tobacco, and drugs. Some types of rock and heavy metal music are known to glorify violence and sex and some artists are also have been charged with serious crimes in the real life. This can distort the mind and behavior of adolescents. Exposure to violent video games must increase the level of aggressive mentality in both children and youth. The websites which contained violence and sex also create a violent attitude among the adolescents. Children and adolescents tend to model the behavior they see in the media and they believe that violence is a better solution to solve the problems. They can’t always differentiate between reality and entertainment.

The society cannot control the media but there are ways to protect adolescents from the harmful effects of media. Set limits to watch TV and other medias and encourage parents to install software to block and filter the violent websites.

Further posts will provide an awareness about the online media.


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