How to Pack Personal Items in Italian Luggage Sets Efficiently

When it comes to the variety of options in travel bags, there is a seemingly endless variety. Checked, hard-shelled, four-wheeled, soft-shelled, or carried on, no matter your preference there’s always a trick to start packing. You need to learn about it from travel experts or designers who design the finest quality Italian luggage sets. If you are curious to learn about how you can pack the best suitcase that doesn’t disappoint you at the end of the trip, here’s a short guide to the ultimate packing tricks and tips, and the essentials.


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It could be that packing seems simple to you, but you need to know there’s a science with rules that travelers usually learn in a harder way when they are on their journey. To pack your suitcase the best way, you need to minimize your load and pack well to cut down wrinkles.

Choose a Durable Suitcase

You will have to first choose the right type of suitcase. Depending on the type of journey you plan to choose, your suitcase should come either in a hard shell or soft shell form. In addition, you have to consider the size of the luggage sets. The bigger the suitcase you choose, the more you will end up packing items into it. To avoid the risks of over packing your luggage, you can choose hard-sided luggage sets, one that is no more than 22 inches tall, which should work more like a carry-on. When you choose a smart luggage set, such as Mia Toro Italian designer sets, you will not need to squeeze in extra items.

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3 Rules for Minimalist Travel

When packing your travel luggage, you need to pack light and you should follow some simple rules, including:

Packing Essential Items Only

When you open your travel luggage, you need to think long and hard about each item you choose to pack, and then you can eliminate all the unnecessary items that you will not need. If this is your first trip, you will end up packing extra and irrelevant items simply because it feels like you may need the items for a safe and comforting journey. You should resist the urge to overpack. Keep your luggage half packed and avoid packing items for over a week worth of clothing.

Carry Versatile Items Rather than Special Items

You should focus on other items that should be useful to you all the time, and not one that will serve multiple uses. You should think twice before you pack items. Keep in mind that when you reach your destination, you can find rent items or gears, or find temporary solutions rather than using for just one time.

Avoid Over Packing Clothes

It is much easier for you to do laundry, rather than carry longer weeks of clothing. You can pick versatile favorites, with the best color palettes and mix or match the items. You should also fold the clothing properly in compact ways, to make sure they take up less space and give more room for other items.

Pack in Layers, Not in Bulk

You should make sure that you fold each clothe or item properly and not stack them together in a cluster. Ensure that you pack in layers, not in a bulk form and place the items over one another in the best way. Another tip is to just keep jeans or two, and pack your luggage with more T-shirts.

Have a Suitcase with More Compartments

If you plan to carry a duffel bag, this may look good, but a structured suitcase with the best compartments, and not to mention wheels will make your packing hassle easier. Designer luggage sets come with multiple compartments, inbuilt scale, shoe compartments, and chargers. This makes it a lot easier to pack items in a compact way.

Fill Out Unused Spaces with Smaller Items

You need to roll up small essentials like your underwear, socks, and ties. Stuff them inside shoes, which you can then place at the bottom of the suitcase. In addition, you can use them like mortar, which should secure the stacks of folded in clothing.

Keep Items That May Leak in Bags

You should use a small leather bag or a pouch to keep chargers and cords together. If you plan to take toiletries, you will need a separate bag and line it up with some plastic material to avoid the risks of spills. Using individual shoe bags is also the best solution to keep all your stuff clean and ensure the other items remain safe.

Before you travel, the best advice for compact packing is to go for Italian luggage sets, which often come in 3 piece sets. Choosing sets in three will allow you to pack all your items in similar looking luggage, making it easier to spot them on the conveyor belts too.

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