Why the Project Breakthrough Scam Reviews Are Not Accurate

scamWhile considering business and online marketing training opportunities online, I came across a program called Project Breakthrough and decided to do some research on it. In the process, I came across a Project Breakthrough review in which the reviewer had expressed strong negative opinions on the program. Being the researcher I am, I wanted to see if I could validate the claims being made.

Claim 1: The Program Is Free, But Is Too Expensive

In the review, Nessa, the reviewer, had listed the high cost of the program as the main reason for her dislike of the program; nothing could be further from the truth. Project Breakthrough ’s program is free, which is imparted over 14 days. Anyone can sign up for the program and gain value from it. Some have seen value even before completing the 14-day program. Although not recommended, you don’t need to complete the entire program to start benefitting from it. The paid services offered are voluntary, so you have the free option to opt out.

Of course, there are ample opportunities to become an HTA Elite member. By becoming an HTA Elite member you have the ability to activate more potential income streams. However, becoming an HTA Elite member is not a mandatory requirement to complete the full 14 days of Project Breakthrough. That is one misconception that many have—that once you are presented with an upsell, you can’t continue the program. Furthermore, you can still make money even without being an HTA Elite member. There is also an opportunity to run the Project Breakthrough offer on Click Promise, an affiliate network, and get $1.50 per sign-up. Lastly, if you get enough sign-ups, that can help pay for your Elite membership.

Claim 2: Project Breakthrough Owners Made Bold Income Claims That Are Not All Guaranteed

The purpose of Project Breakthrough is to teach and educate you by providing the strategies and recommended tools so that you can build your online business successfully—it isn’t to build the business for you. You still have to implement and continually test based on what you learn in the program. People who have completed the program know that High Traffic Academy’s Project Breakthrough has been very rewarding. If you haven’t completed the program in full, you really can’t be a judge of the value it provides. Many bad reviewers that I have found seem to be ones who haven’t fully committed or gone through the entire program—they just got frustrated and gave up halfway through, if they even made it that far.

Claim 3: There Are Better Programs Out There

Another point raised by the reviewer was that same program was available for less from other sources. However, no specific comparisons are made. There are similar programs, which could be cheap – but the fact remains that Project Breakthrough is “free” and Nessa even compliments the high-quality content that Project Breakthrough provides. So, you can’t really discredit a program if they offer top tier program for the cost of nothing. Since it was not explicitly mentioned what others offered, my attempt to compare these “sources” vis-a-vis Project Breakthrough was unsuccessful.

In conclusion, it can be summarized that the reviewer, Nessa, seems to have been in a hurry to brand the program as too pricey, without actually taking the course. Additionally, the reviewer endorses another program in her review/response, which casts a shadow on the impartiality of the review of Project Breakthrough as a whole.

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