The New Pulsating Music Scenario Of The 21st Century

Music Scenario


An attempt to analyze music scenario to understand better how the system works may turn out to be very confusing. In the 21st century, music replete with technology. Mechanization and electronics just made everything so much artificial and the concoction seems to come more from machines than humans. The voice too undergoes excessive manipulation in the search for special effects. Yet the celebrities and the millions of fans are enjoying the blast greater than ever. Producers could not be happier with record sales progressing from peak to peak each year.

When we analyze something, the subject is torn to pieces in the attempt to decipher the rudiments. Shall we go in search of characteristic tones or half tones, melodious motifs or the social background of the musical composition? Should the analysis be descriptive or prescriptive?

A common sense analysis breaks down the music into smaller parts and examines the connections and relationships that exist, just like examining a movie scene by scene. Comparison between songs often takes place in an attempt to better understand relative values. Can we compare the different songs of Rihanna or with other singers like Lady Gaga?  Shall we compare the songs of the 1990s with the songs of the 1960s?

We certainly wish for a deeper understanding of favorite all time great songs and singers and analysis help us delve deeper into their souls. Lyrics themselves can be so much revealing.

The differences between formalized and non-formalized analysis would finally depend upon how the ear responds, the greatest test. The only language would express in the non-formalized approach. Technicalities like notation would be part of the formal approach.

Meanwhile, the power of the technological media has boosted music to the heavens! We live with the spectacular effects and wait for more and more. Pop, rock, country, dance, whatever!

In our later posts, we will discuss further changes happened in the world of music.

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