Advanced VLSI design course at RMIT University Melbourne Australia

When someone is pursuing engineering or is about to enter in this field, he must search for numerous options. VLSI courses is considered to be one of the best courses when you are in the field of engineering. But to get a good VLSI course in Australia, it is necessary to have an institution that is proven to be a master in it.

RMIT University in Melbourne is one of the most reputed institutes for Advanced VLSI Design, just like VLSI courses in Bangalore. The reason being is the quality of education they are providing to the students and the atmosphere as well.

RMIT has the motive to serve the students with the best. The teams of trainers they have are the masters of their field.

The course offered by RMIT has the following split of class hours:

  • 12 x 2 hr. lectures
  • 12 x 1 hr. tutorials
  • 12 x 2 hr. supervised labs

The students can choose according to the time suitable to their schedules. These courses can be pursued along with other courses they may have enrolled in.  When it comes to search for VLSI courses in Australia, it becomes quite difficult to search for an institute that offers all the programs. Below are the details of the program at RMIT.

Course Description

This course builds on the material in both EDA Tools and IC Design courses to expose students to advanced integrated circuit design techniques and methodology and design flow. Students will use Cadence EDA software to accomplish schematic capture, simulation, layout, extraction, design verification and place and route.

Objectives/Learning Outcomes/Capability Development

Generic capability development
* Graduates are capable in their chosen professional area.
* Graduates operate effectively in work and community situations.
* Graduates are adaptable and manage change.

Professional development
* Analog and digital electronics circuit design
* Advanced skills in EDA tools design and layout

The course focuses on learning in
* Analog and digital electronics circuit design
* Advanced skills in EDA tools design and layout

To get all the above-mentioned VLSI topics under one roof, it is quite difficult. But RMIT has become a one-stop destination for you.

But before choosing any of the institutions it is necessary to look at some of the factors associated with a particular VLSI course in Australia. Those key aspects are:

  • Trainers available:

It is necessary to look at the profiles of trainers available. Because everyone who is teaching is good in the practical field is not necessary.

  • Courses offered:


It is necessary to look at the topics offered. Some institutes of VLSI Australia only provide the education in some certified courses. It is becoming difficult to choose when the course we thought to pursue is not available with the institute.

  • Time duration required:

Some institutes ask for the whole year, some for 6 months and some for 3 months. It is necessary to look at the duration as well. Because giving time more than required is proven out to be harmful.

  • Criteria of multiple options:

Some institutes in Australia ensure 100% placement, which is considered to be the biggest lie ever heard. Instead of looking for placement at the institute, look for one that provides you with multiple options for the future as well.

RMIT is available with all the above-mentioned options, therefore this can hit at the top of your searching list. Moreover, there are some more features to consider. Such as:

  • For understanding a subject completely, assignments are provided to the students.
  • In all the courses, whether the regular one, weekend outdoor training programs, learning modules are available for students.
  • The constant focus has to be given to theory as well as practical classes. Both go simultaneously.
  • ESD (Electronic Design Automation) tools are used.
  • Full training is provided in high-speed bus protocols.

So, enroll now!

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