Safety is the best precaution


The traffic collision is one of the obvious reasons for the death of so many people across the globe. In countries like India, the number of traffic collisions is very high due to the lack of proper traffic. Traffic rules should be followed under any circumstances especially in busy roads in the metropolitan cities. Some basic guidelines mentioned below will help to avoid traffic collisions:

  • Always avoid the fast lanes. Try to use the middle or the right lanes for the easy option of safety. Most accidents occur on the left lanes which are used by the vehicles with high velocity.

  • Always keep a watch on the traffic ahead. This will help you to avoid any kind of immediate traffics in front of you with enough time for reaction.

  • Try to avoid the blind spots on the road. Constantly looking in the side mirrors and the mirror of the rear portion is good enough. But it is advised to have a look at the lanes beside on a regular basis to avoid blind spots left undetected on the mirror.

  • Always try to maintain your seat position as close to the wheel as possible. This will help your wrists stay on the wheel of the car for proper braking at the time of urgency.

  • Always stay away from the path of a driver whose car looks rugged. On making them hyped can cause a serious accident on the road.

  • Always know your speed limits. Never drive at speeds that you cannot control. Drive your car at limited speed to avoid any serious consequences.

  • Lastly, avoid driving during the night. Driving during the night reduces your visibility and increases fatigue. Higher chances of accidents are possible during the night.

The succeeding posts will highlight a few more guides to traffic safety.

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