New security systems invented to enhance road safety

 road safety

Cars were invented 100s of years ago but still, people are fascinated about these luxury vehicles. No matter how many cars you own, you would always desire to buy a new model. According to reports, 65 million cars were produced in 35 countries in 2011. This figure certainly would have increased in 2014.

All the new vehicles hitting the road are capable of running at flying speeds which has become a serious concern. 1.2 million Road deaths were reported in 2014. More than 50 million people were seriously injured in road accidents in 2014. The increasing number of vehicles on road is also increasing pollution, especially in metropolitan cities. Several types of research were going on to reduce the fossil emission from the vehicles as well as to increase the safety measures. Though few electric, as well as bio fuel vehicles, were invented, none of those models could replace the petrol or diesel cars on road.

Whether or not, a new type of fuel is invented in the future, Road safety measures would certainly increase in new sedans. According to experts, most of the car accidents happen due to human faults and not mechanical problems. A new digital in-car assistant has been invented to over come such human faults. These artificial assistants are operated and managed by software systems that can even sense the behavioral aspects of driving. These systems can produce a warning if you fall asleep while driving or you miss out important road signals.

The radar in the system can sense the distance between your car and any other objects on road. They can produce signals to warn the driver when the car is too close to an object. The radar can even help the drivers to park their cars easily in tricky areas. Researches are further going on include satellite tracking in cars. Such a system would enable the authorities to track cars that exceed the speed limit instantly.

In our later posts, we will discuss further new security systems invented for motor cars.

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