Solar Panels: Cheapest and renewable source of energy

solar panels

Solar energy is the most potential renewable energy resources in the world. Solar power generating systems absorb the direct sunlight and convert it into electricity through solar panels. There are two main types of solar panels. One is Solar Thermal and the other Photovoltaic or PV. Solar thermal panels use the sun’s energy to heat water that can be used for drinking, washing, bathing etc. PV panels use photovoltaic effect to turn the sun’s energy directly into electricity, which can supplement the usual electric supply.

A sloped south-facing roof is the ideal place to mount up a solar panel. A PV panel is made up of a silicon based semi conducting material packed in between two electrical contacts. To generate as much electricity, PV panels need to spend much time in direct sunlight. A sheet of glass protects the semiconductor from heavy rain, wind, and wildlife. The semiconductor is also coated with an anti reflector which makes sure that it absorbs the sunlight effectively. When sunlight lacks, the semiconductor is positively charged on one side and negatively charged on the other side which creates an electric current.

Prior to use of this power at homes and businesses, there is a small process. It has to be changed into AC using an inverter. The inverted current then travels from the inverter to the buildings fuse box and from there to the appliances that needs electricity. Installing a PV system is not cheap, but it certainly helps the owner to earn back the cost more quickly. Today the world is facing many environmental and climate problems. And it’s idyllic to say that solar power doesn’t even emit carbon dioxide and is an effective solution to all natural resource exhaustion and climate change.

In our later posts, we will give you tips on how to use solar units effectively.

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