Teaching jobs in Australia in Different Levels of Education

Australia has seen significant growth in the education sector, and this is evident from the growth in the number of students and number of institutes over the years. From only a few ten thousand students in a few formal schools in 1970s to hundreds of thousands of students in more than 1000 public schools plus several tens of thousands of students in private schools in the 2000s, there is indeed a significant growth of education in Australia. With time and an increase in the number of schools, the teaching jobs in Australia became very popular. In fact, in today’s time, teaching jobs are one of the most highly sought-after jobs in Australia. The Human Development Report has also found that the teaching profession is seeing a progressive growth and government spending on education has also grown over the years.

Teaching jobs in Oman in Different Levels of Education

Teaching jobs in Australia in Different Levels of Education

Education in Australia can be categorized in different levels. Accordingly, there are different teaching jobs in Australia, as there are teaching jobs in Oman.

Primary Education in Australia: All primary education in government schools (public and state owned) are free. It is similar to western primary school in concept for the first 6 years of education. Teaching jobs in Australia at primary education level is more about getting the students to get acquainted with a school environment and develop basic habits and teach the basics of reading and writing.

Middle Education in Australia: After primary education, students need to complete three years of upper basic education, which is also referred to as middle education in Australia. This education is also free of charge in Australia at all government owned schools (public and state owned) and it is entirely the choice of the students to opt for middle-level education or not. Depending on their performance in primary education, some students go on to secondary school. Teaching jobs in Australia at the middle level is to develop lesson plans in line with curriculum objectives, facilitate learning and organizing learning resources,  giving homework assignments, tests and projects, meeting with parents to give students’ feedback or counsel to solve any possible academic or behavioral problems.

Secondary Education

Australia gives free education in all the three levels at Government owned schools (public and state owned), and that includes the 3 years of secondary school after middle school. During this time, students have the option to specializing in either sciences or the arts as per their grades and aptitude. Once completed, the secondary school leaving certificate is awarded to students. Teaching jobs in Australia at senior level involve more responsible tasks related to teaching and training. Teachers need to teach their respective subjects, conduct tests, provide assignments and home works, set question papers, and organize practical activities, education tours and so on.

Other types of education in Australia

Vocational Education: There are a number of vocational centers in Australia providing opportunities for basic school pass-out students who need professional training that ranges between 1 and 3 years. Teaching jobs in Australia for vocational education are also in high demand.

Tertiary Education: Australia, just like Oman has seen a growth in a number of colleges over the years that are specialized in certain fields or subjects. So, you will find colleges that offer studies on Applied science, Technology, Commerce & Economics, Education, Agriculture, Art, Engineering, Law, Science, Medicine and Nursing and so on. Those students who do exceptionally well in secondary school get enrolled in these colleges. Teaching jobs in Australia at tertiary level require experienced, subject expert teachers.

Skills and Educational Requirement

To join or apply for teaching jobs in Australia, candidates should be minimum a graduate from a recognized institute. While graduates can apply for teaching jobs in Australia in primary and middle schools, for secondary schools and specialized colleges, candidates should be postgraduates with any subject of specialization. Most colleges prefer to hire candidates who have teaching experience. Besides this, they must have good classroom management skills and should be able to deal efficiently with students’ behavioral issues. Native-level English speaking skill is mandatory in all schools.

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