Things You Need to Know about the GST Registration Fees Process!


The Goods and service tax, also known as GST, is termed to be the process of paying necessary taxes in the field of business. This GST is mandatory, under the laws of the government. While every sector has a different amount of GST to pay, the GST registration fees are more or less the same. Registration is an important phase that you should not miss out on. As an unregistered GST individual, conducting business online and offline, is considered to be illegal. Therefore, in order to avoid all terms of penalties under the code of law, you must file and register for GST and pay its appropriate fees!

Steps to note down for GST registration fees:

Before you pay the amount for registration, a lot of steps are involved in clarifying the whole process. Therefore, there are easy steps to note down, which are detailed below:

  • Take note of the nature of the business that you are in. this includes any kind of real estate business, export-import business, etc.
  • Now, submit the documents required.
  • Get your documents re-checked and clarified by the GST officials, for approval. It is only after careful speculation that you are allowed to submit your GST registration fees.

Individuals should take note that the fee structure varies and necessary notifications will be issued on time. Basically, there isn’t any basic difference in the turnover, making businessmen and industrialists carry out their business smoothly! Registration and fee submission is conducted online. However, individuals should be responsible for generating the GSTIN number, which will solidly differ with the type of business that you are conducting!

Check the documents required:

The whole process of registration fees isn’t valid if you do not submit the documents on time. Therefore, the key papers that you need to have with you for registration are as follows:

  • The PAN number of the applicant.
  • Aadhar card number
  • Proof of having a business or simply an ID card for business
  • Address proof of any kind
  • Bank details
  • Digital signature
  • Certification from the company!

Once you are ready with these documents, registration takes place without any difficulties.

What do you need to be careful, before submitting the fees?

While the process of filing for GST and submitting its registration fees may look simple, individuals need to be sure about the whole process first. Therefore, the whole process of registration is typically tedious. You have to be careful with various steps like submission, allocation, and scanning of particular documents. Therefore, if you are unsure, or have doubts regarding the GST registration fees, then feel free to talk to the experts.

A GST official is one such individual, who is prepared to help you out and assist you in dealing with your registration problem. Thus, in order to take care of all the formalities of GST services, the expert pays the fees for you. In fact, you can, later on, consult the official and pay the desired sum accordingly. Further, if you any doubts regarding the process, post a query! The office will be happy to answer it for you!

Will failure to pay GST fees result in penalties?

According to the law, failure to pay GST registration fees will lead to paying penalties. If the total amount paid is less, the penalty is strictly ensured. If there is a genuine failure with the payment system, no extra money is asked for. In such a situation, the individual is asked to pay the money within a particular time frame. Also, the tax amount to be levied is 100% based on the work, with 10% of the total money taken as penalty money!

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