Tips to Manage Home Energy Consumption

Energy Consumption

The term energy management has a wider meaning and it has recently become popular as a part of home management. However, most of the people aren’t aware of this term and take more unorganized and blind approach to reduce their energy consumption. The professional energy managers can provide effective and results-driven approaches to save energy.
Energy saving is the process of monitoring and controlling the energy consumption. Metering and monitoring the amount of your energy consumption is the first step. Finding methods to save energy, and calculating the level of energy each method could save. You have to analyze your meter data to find routine energy waste. Take action to upgrade or replace in efficient equipment and track the progress to know how effectively your energy management methods have worked

1. Collecting the data of your energy consumption
Use interval metering systems which automatically measure and record the energy level you consumed at every short and regular interval or manually collect the data by reading the meter. The detailed data of energy consumption makes it possible to know the energy wasting areas and thus you can manage your energy consumption. Otherwise, it would be impossible to know how much energy you are utilizing at different times or days. And checking these data makes it easier to find the routine energy waste in your home.
2. Finding opportunities to save energy

save home energy
It is easy to make reasonable calculations of how much energy is being misused at different times. If you have identified the equipment that energy is being wasted from, use the following methods to estimate the energy consumption.

  •  Use your collected data to evaluate how much energy is being utilized in every day.
  •  Calculate the proportion of energy that is being wasted.
  •  Calculate an estimate of the total kWh that is wasted in each weekend or month.

If you have no idea of the quantity of energy that is being wasted by unnecessary equipment, you have to:

  1. Make sure that everything should be switched off in an evening except the target equipment.
  2. Check the data for that evening to know how much energy is being utilized after everything switched off.
  3. Subtract the kW figure of (ii) from the actual kW figure for weekends to calculate the potential savings of energy in kW (power).
  4. To get the potential energy savings for a weekend multiply the kW savings by the number of hours over the weekend.

You have to keep the energy data to analyze that things are not getting worse and you should have to check your energy data once a week or even once a month to make sure that everything has gone normally. Actually, the energy management effort will be an ongoing process to find new ways to reduce the energy consumption.

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