Few useful tips to save energy in your daily life

save energy

Increasing cost of cooking gas and electricity is an alarming concern for majority of the people. There is nothing you could do to bring down the price but there are certain things in your control. People come across a lot of energy saving tips on websites and magazines. However, majority of the people ignore such tips just because they are not willing to invest money to save energy. Here are a few free energy saving tips that could cut down your energy cost.

Most of the electronic units come with standby or sleep mode. It’s believed that when devices are put on sleep mode, the electricity consumption is 0. This is mere a misconception. If you are not going to use the device for long hours, it’s better to turn them off. Likewise, many people leave the chargers turned on even if no devices are connected to them. Turned on chargers consume electricity, though they are not charging any device. Therefore, unplug the chargers when they are not in use.

Many people turn off there air conditions once the room temperature reaches a comfy level. Later, they turn them on by setting the temperature to extreme low in order to cool the room instantly. To your surprise, air conditions set at a steady temperature consume lesser electricity than what they consume while turning on and off. Moreover, if the air holes, windows and doors are properly insulated, the room temperature stays steady for long hours. This in turn could save energy.

You can save a lot of cooking gas, if you prepare well before you start preparing food. Keep the ingredients, utensils and other cooking accessories ready, before litting the burner. Such a practice would not just save cooking gas but would also allow you to concentrate more in cooking.

In our later posts, we will discuss more easy to follow tips to save energy.

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