How to Use FB: The Unofficial Manual For New Members


Judging via its greater than 2 billion month-to-month active customers, each person in Australia and in the world has heard of Facebook. However, there are a few people who haven’t jumped on the social media bandwagon yet. If you’re sooner or later thinking of becoming a member of the world’s most popular social media community or are simply looking for extra facts about the web page you use frequently, welcome! We’re here to help you make the transition. Joining Facebook is easy and unfastened and an incredible way to keep in touch with pals and own family, meet new people, and unleash yourself. If I say in a simple sentence it’s a part of our life. The Facebook phone number is also helpful to get more information about how to use Facebook.


First, you’ll want to visit the Facebook website and sign up for an account. The website will ask you for your first and last name, and either your cell phone or e-mail ID (either will do). You’ll additionally want to enter your birthday and gender, with the intention to assist others in locating you, be it in Australia or anywhere in the world. Be sure to pick a strong password that cannot be easily guessed by anyone.

A note on the name you use to create your profile. It is important for you to use your real name in your profile, otherwise if you use a fake name, FB will not allow you to create an account. You also need to update one of your latest photographs as a profile picture when signing up. It will not allow you to upload any non-human pictures or an old version of you. It’s a way to ensure security and genuineness of your profile.


After you’ve created your account (or logged into an existing one), go to “Advanced Settings” and set your privacy settings so you can manage who has access to your data and profile. Those settings are available by clicking the down arrow placed inside the right-hand side of the topmost toolbar, beneath Settings in case you’re on a computer or by clicking the three vertical lines within the lower right corner and scrolling to the lowest of the resulting menu if you’re using your phone. Then, look for “Privacy Settings” link and click on it.

Here, you could install your privacy defaults. You have got three fundamental settings, plus a custom choice if you want more options. You could even change these on the fly while posting content material. We advise that you keep away from leaving your data open to everybody. Don’t forget, what happens on FB doesn’t usually stay on Facebook.

Public: All your friends and anyone and everyone else who are not your friends within and outside of Australia can see your content material, inclusive of the ones you aren’t pals with.

Friends: Folks that you’re linked to as buddies will be able to see your posts.

only Me: As it says, this content material is hidden from everyone and only you can see it.

If you need extra control, click on more alternatives or see more Privacy settings and discover some of the custom options. As you get more buddies, FB will automatically make all your posts visible only to those who are your friends, unless you manually change it to be visible to the “public” which is not always advisable if you want high privacy.

This web page also controls who can send you friend requests, as well as alternatives for handling how others on FB within and outside of Australia can find you. We additionally advise browsing across the Timeline and Tagging tab if you want to play around with who can publish stuff on your timeline and whether they could tag you in posts and different content.

Making it your personal

Facebook is frequently an expression of the person, so why not have a laugh with it? Below are a number of personal features you can tweak about yourself in FB.

Profile picture: Take a snap of yourself from your webcam or pick out a picture from an album or a trip you went alone or with your friends in Sydney, Melbourne or anywhere in Australia or abroad to be your default profile image. Don’t worry too much about size — FB will crop it for you — but remember the fact that your profile picture will usually be displayed regardless of your privacy placing.

Cover Picture: Upload, take a snap or pick an image from an album to be the default banner image that extends throughout the pinnacle of your profile. Again, photographs you use can be cropped, repositioned, or modified as you require.

Update your info: Within the “about” portion of your profile, you can input facts about your work history and education and the place where you live. This is also where you throw in basics including your contact statistics, age, gender, faith, and relationship status, among different things. You can even write a brief bio about yourself if you want to get into it or add a line or two to the “Intro” section located directly beneath and a touch to the left of your profile picture.

Likes: Look for your favorite bands in Australia, sports activities groups, books, organizations in Sydney or Melbourne, and anything else you may think of within the search bar at the top of the web page. Be sure to click the Like button when you find something you like while searching. If it exists, there’s a good chance there’s a page for it.

After reading this blog if you need more information or have queries, you can contact Facebook support.

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