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As you all know Delhi is the capital of India. As we all have busy life in Metro city, so we want good food.  Delhi has various culture and variety of food. Delhi people love chicken and foody too.  In old Delhi, there is a various place, where you find the different taste of India. Delhi people have made various kinds of chicken dishes with different types of recipes. They cooked chicken by the various methods like grilled, roasted, boiled and many more. This versatile meat can take on any flavor and texture with authentic taste and is great to experiment with. It’s time to feast your eyes and tempt your taste buds is thebest chicken in Delhi. To pay homage to our sincere love for creamy butter chicken, juicy chicken tikkas and more, we decided to curate a bucket list of all the places where you get the best chicken in Delhi. You will find some of the most iconic chicken dishes at these places. From fine-dine restaurants to budget eateries, we’ve got you covered. There are so many restaurants whomserves long-lived legacy of serving the finest Mughlai food in the city with their old recipes with different flavor.

There is n number of restaurants and hotels which serves best-chicken-in-Delhi-27. All these restaurants have their own specialty. They serve different types of chicken with different flavor. There is n number of the variety of chicken like butter chicken, chicken tikka, tandoori chicken, Goulati Kebabs, MurghMakhani, MurghMalai Tikka, Seekh Kebab, Keema Meat, Tandoori Murgh and any more.

There are the different way to cook chicken like boiled, grilled roast, meditate etc.  you can cook chicken in a different way that is chicken can be cooked with gravy, with spice and roasted. We can make chicken curry with different recipes.  In Delhi, there are few restaurants who serve a different kind of chicken variety in stat up and main course.  They also give offers to increase their sales on special occasion. These restaurants increase their sale at lunch time, and at lunch time their profit margin is increased by serving different types of chicken variety. The chicken curry is also served by most of the restaurants, with thick and spicy gravy along with soft and delicate chunks of chicken. Few restaurants serve any sweet at the end of the meal. There are manybest chicken in Delhi 27, which serves different types of curries.

You can enjoy Mughlai specialties such as korma, kebabs and keemakalejithat are rich in taste and flavor best-chicken-in-Delhi.

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Best chicken Place in Delhi: there is so many restaurants who serves best chicken in Delhi, with different variety and authentic taste.

  • National Restaurant, Connaught Place
  • Bukhara, ITC Maurya
  • MI Food Center, Lodhi Road
  • Kainoosh Vasant Kunj




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