VelaShape III the Body Shaping Gold Standard

We persistently endeavor to guarantee that our customers at SAI are continually getting the world’s most front line and demonstrated medicines.


This is our progressing quest for the ideal non-surgical treatment to enhance comes about, limit downtime and completely fulfill our customers with lovely outcomes.

With a considerable lot of our medicines, we have effectively enhanced outcomes and treatment effectiveness utilizing refined innovation or methods, yet one treatment has kept up its place as the globes highest quality level. This innovation has a place with VelaShape III. Also, the VelaShape III stage keeps on propelling itself with extra signs all in light of sound logical examination and demonstrated outcomes from around the globe.

Non-Surgical Body Shaping

The plan to accomplish an enhanced body shape without surgical intercession and the downtime related with it appeared to be over the top a couple of years back.

Numerous stages attempted to emulate surgical outcomes and after some time we started to see positive outcomes. At that point, VelaShape III entered the market and destroyed each other treatment. We now had a stage that offered us the capacity to:

Fix Skin

Decrease Fat

Destroy Cellulite

Fortify Collagen Synthesis

This is because of great logical research that focusses on three key territories, which thus impacts the general outcome. It’s a virtuoso mix of suction, knead and a mix of infrared light with radio recurrence vitality. The outcome is a focus on way to deal with separate cellulite, fat cells and invigorate the lymphatic framework to kill undesirable cells – eventually a reclassified body form. The special reward of these three elements expands bloodstream to the treatment territory bringing about collagen union and enhanced skin-tone with a change in skin flexibility, which helps in lifting and fixing the skin for compatible body chiseling exactness.

This together means enhanced body shape, with less fat, less cellulite and more tightly skin for powerful non-surgical body forming.

There is no other stage that can contend with VelaShape III. It is to be noticed that VelaShape III has throughout the years enhanced the handpieces to give more exact medicines to more territories of the body and we now offer body forming medications for the:





Join this with cellulite lessening, fat decrease, and skin lifting and you can state farewell to those undesirable lumps to make the body shape you need all inside a couple of medicines. The shoreline or pool is calling you!

NOTE: Homecare is dependably a prescribed expansion to any treatment and we are seeing fabulous outcomes when consolidating VelaShape III neck-lift medications with NeoStrata Triple Firming Neck Cream. You can investigate the item in our Online Store here.

How is a VelaShape III treatment?

Each VelaShape III treatment time relies upon the territory or territories being focused on yet the normal is between 30 – 45 minutes.

Medicines are easy and you essentially exit the entryway and back to your everyday life once your session is finished. You will get comes about after a solitary treatment yet we generally suggest a base 3 x bundle treatment to guarantee that we shape the body you have as a main priority, with every treatment happening week after week.


On the off chance that you can envision yourself with that level paunch, more tightly neck or enhanced shape to your thighs and backside, at that point come see why VelaShape III is respected so profoundly. You never again need to experience costly surgery with inordinate downtime to accomplish the body molding and cellulite comes about that you want. Call SAI Sandton today on 011 883 3116 and book an interview or on the other hand, leave us a message on Facebook and we’ll answer any inquiries that you may have.
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